Welcome to Nature Study Camp

Nature Study Camp is going to encourage the students of Saurashtra region to be sensitized regarding the blessings of the region Asiatic Lion. This awareness campaign is going to be unique for its strength of students participating in it and the schedule behind it.

Under this campaign, that is going to be for 20 days involving more than 1000 students of 10 years to 20 years, the holistic aspects of specie of Lion, its life and how our efforts can make the lives of lion better are going to be taught to the students. This awareness camps are also going to teach the students how to save the environment, in general, keeping the ‘Save Lion’ as its core objective. Regarding how it can be a record attempt, kindly consider the following for the same.

We call it a record attempt keeping in mind two aspects. The first one is "Save Lion" mass awareness and the second one is the participation of the number of students for the same. This event is not merely a haphazard planning to take the students to a place where lions are but a planned event to make the sizable number of students to make them aware regarding the "Save Lion" campaign.

An Address Of Greater Joy beyond features:

Gir is a place to be in. It is the place of Mother Nature where the joy is the only outcome. The ecosystem of Gir with its diverse flora and fauna is well versed and now with foundation of Nature Education Center of Sky High Adventure Club Pvt Ltd the place is going to have added Attractions.

Gir forest and sanctuary is not only the home Asiatic Lions but it is the home for more than 250 types of birds and 50 other species.It is indeed a paradise for nature lovers,adventures and bird lovers. Green and dry trees, rivers, ponds, streams, crocodiles, organized Safari, comfortable accommodation, peaceful and soothing environment, etc are also some other features of this nature study campsite

Participation in the camp would turn out a memorable decision for you !